How do laxatives work? Are they safe? Well, far from helping us, the abuse of laxatives can make our intestines become weak and not function properly. See why!

The desperation to lose weight and show off a perfect figure leads many people to make bad decisions. One of those extreme measures, especially for the harmful ones that result for health, is the excessive intake of laxatives. How do laxatives work? Are they safe?

Although they can be purchased without medical formula, they should not be taken as if they were a vitamin supplement. While they have the function of alleviating the symptoms of constipation, prolonged consumption can lead to several consequences. Discover them below.


The main function of laxatives is to accelerate the digestive process. Some doctors prescribe them for occasional constipation, in cases of travel and vacations to “exotic” destinations, or when drastic changes are ordered in diets.

However, it is important to note that not all specialists share this idea of ​​using them as a way of prevention. But, using laxatives to lose weight or burn fat is completely useless, not to mention the long and worrying list of collateral damage.


If there is any good in chemical laxatives, it seems that it has not yet been found. Taking into account the alarming number of people who use and abuse these substances, it is important to take into account all the risks that are included. Now that you know how do laxatives work, you have to pay attention and try to avoid them.


The belief that laxatives are useful to lose those kilos that bother so much arises from the idea that “as the body does not have time to absorb fat from food, body mass will not increase.”

It is true that the digestion of food, as well as its subsequent expulsion, will be so expressed with the use of laxatives, that not only fats, but that the organism will be able to extract absolutely nothing from any food.

Nutritionally this theory is an outrage and the only thing that can be achieved with it are several imbalances.

The first symptoms that will appear will be dizziness, cardiac arrhythmias or lack of appetite, among others.


Our intestines will dispense the food at high speed, and for this they will need a lot of water, so, to more “discharges”, greater consumption of liquids.

It must be remembered that, unless the person is receiving intravenous hydration constantly, the lack of water in the body will generate the respective dehydration picture. This will actually be accompanied by loss of minerals and electrolytes.



One of the risks of using laxatives is a possible dependence. Its excessive intake will cause the intestines and the colon such a level of dependence that they will become increasingly inactive. None of these bodies will be able to fulfill their basic tasks on their own if we accustom them to this extra help.

In the case of the intestine, it will contract so much and so continuously that it will become limp and lose all strength.

In the colon, all your nerve endings will atrophy, so that no more alarm signals will be generated (those that tell the brain when it is time to defecate).


Other consequences of laxative abuse include:

  • Constant belly pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Sickness
  • Vomiting
  • Uncontrollable flatulence


In addition, having a poor intestinal absorption, may appear hypotension and hypertension problems.


Another risk of the use of laxatives is hypokalemia. You may know it as hypokalemia or, what is the same, low levels of potassium in the blood.

This disorder will include including muscle weakness, cramping and cardiac arrhythmias.

Paradoxically, it will also cause intestinal obstruction and constipation.

Most specialists consider that the use of laxatives is the most extreme of the resources. There are so many collateral damages that are incorporated that its use is extremely delicate. In cases of chronic constipation they are totally discarded, since they only make the picture worse.

When your din “occasional” cases, their use should not exceed ten continuous days, always under strict medical supervision.


We need to make it clear that for losing weight, laxatives are useless. Although the body will stop assimilating fats from food, laxatives will not eliminate in any way what is already attached to the body. To have a fair figure in your weight, and also in cases of constipation, there are two key elements:

A balanced diet, which also includes the intake of liquids, mainly water, as well as foods rich in fibers.

Exercise. Half an hour of daily walking, if you do not have more time to do sports, go to a gym, etc., it may be enough to maintain physical fitness.

Now that you know the risks of using laxatives, try to use them only by prescription. If you have digestive difficulties, try to cope with solutions of natural origin.

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